Storm chuck wagon

Hurricane Irma caused a mess across Central Florida. If you were lucky, you experienced only a lot of debris to pick up from your yard, and you were especially fortunate if you counted your time without power in hours instead of days.

It was worse for some, including several area restaurants, which are still struggling to get things back to normal.

There has been at least one closing attributed at least in part to the storm. As reported here last week, Conway Cafe, the greasy-spoon diner on Hoffner Avenue in Orlando, lost power, then its air-conditioning system. The loss of food and business added to an existing debt proved too much and the owner, Lenny Mosse, decided to throw in the towel.

Kona plate

Silly me, I was expecting Hawaiian, or at least Polynesian. I mean, what else should one infer from a name like Kona Grill?

And there are a lot of Asian and Pacific Rimmy kinds of dishes on the menu. There are sushi offerings and the requisite poke bowls, some egg rolls and some stir-frys.

But of course the first thing I spot on the large menu is Jambalaya. The second thing is a Cuban Sandwich. So immediately I'm thinking WTF, which stands for What's the Theme?

Umi two rolls

How's your Magical Dining Month going? Mine's going great, thanks for asking. If yours needs a boost, I have a suggestion for you: Umi Japanese Restaurant on Park Avenue.

I was invited to sample their MagDinMo menu and I was really impressed. For one thing, Umi offers four courses instead of the usual three that other participating restaurants have. At one point I had to ask to make sure they weren't doing something special for me -- I was assured that everyone gets the same treatment, which includes impressive portions.

tonyroma 4

I think it's high time for another Supper Club, how about you?

For some time now, I've been telling people about the new and improved Tony Roma's Orlando. The restyled restaurant is not the Tony you used to know, it really is a better place, both in the the atmosphere and the food.

Then I figured, why not just show you? So I've partnered with the Tony Roma's to put together an evening of good food and drink. We'll even spice things up by starting with a hands-on activity making Chef Bob's Spice Rub -- and you'll get to take your concoction home with you.

Cost of the evening is $82 plus tax -- $86.92 -- which includes gratuity. That's a four-course dinner with pairings. It's a special offer just for you.

The full menu is posted on the Supper Club page, where you can also purchase your tickets. Seating is limited, so hop on it.

Unfamiliar with Supper Club? Here are some FAQs about our gatherings. (Actually, few of these questions have been asked all that frequently, but they're still worth reading if you'd like to learn more.) First thing to know: It really isn't a club and there aren't any membership dues or initiation rites -- we're just a bunch of people who enjoy good food and drink and being with others who feel the same. And yes, single diners are always welcome!