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Central Florida restaurants are adapting to the changing strictures being imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here are details that some of your favorite restaurants want you to know regarding how they're dealing with the crisis and what they're doing to keep their kitchens busy and people fed.

We'll share the information from other restaurants as it becomes available, so check back often.

Each entry has the information that was submitted by the restaurant, including, where available, hours of operation and links to menus. In most cases, menus are limited. All information – including menus posted here – is subject to change so be sure to check with the restaurant before ordering.

Key: TO=Takeout, D=Delivery, CP=Curbside Pickup

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CafeTuTuTango events patio copyFirst Watch building

Cafe Tu Tu Tango, the eclectic restaurant with an artist’s garret mien, will open its dining room under the state’s Phase 1 strictures on Thursday, May 14.

First Watch, the popular daytime cafe that closed operations nationally on April 13 after a period of takeout and delivery service, is aiming for a June 1 reopening.

Cafe Tu Tu Tango, along with Mia’s Italian Kitchen, recently began offering takeout and delivery from the Tango facility on International Drive. Both restaurants are owned and operated by Alexandria Restaurant Partners (ARP). Mia’s will remain closed for now but some of its menu items will continue to be offered at Cafe Tu Tu Tango. Takeout and delivery options will still be available as well.

In a press release, ARP listed several safety measures that will be implemented when Cafe Tu Tu Tango opens:


Sugarbuzz foodster jamesOwner Ron James with his 2018 Foodster Award for Best Dessert.

Sugarbuzz Dezert Company, a College Park bakery and 2018 winner of the Best Dessert Foodster Award, announced Friday that it has permanently closed.

Owners Ron James and Walt Parks made the announcement in a post on the bakery’s Facebook page.

To all of our valued Sugarbuzz family. It is with great sadness to announce that as of today we have permanently closed.

From our humble beginnings at Farmer’s Markets in 2011 to today, we truly appreciate the love and support that you have given us and we have enjoyed making your life a little sweeter.

The note concluded by saying there was a “silver lining” and a “next chapter” to be announced “in a few weeks” (though that may be amended to a few days).


Sette exterior

  • We have official confirmation of what’s been common knowledge in the culinary community for about six weeks now: Sette, the Italian restaurant from Va Propst and Trina Gregory-Propst, will not reopen, at least not in that space. That space, on North Orange Avenue at Virginia Drive across from Lake Ivanhoe, is still known by most locals as the former Brian’s Diner even though more than a few businesses have occupied it since. But all have been short-lived. There could be a number of reasons, but it’s been my observation over the years that when customers go to a restaurant, they like to have a place to park their car while they’re inside. The couple’s Se7en Bites bakery will reopen, though hasn’t yet.
  • The City of Orlando is allowing restaurants that want to reopen under the Phase 1 rules to use outdoor rights of way (alt: right of ways) – sidewalks, breezeways (alt: breezes-way), parking lots – to set up tables for diners, providing specified distancing is observed. In Phase 1, restaurants may use only 25 percent of their dining room space, which any restaurateur will tell you is not a sustainable business model. But outdoors? The sky, or at least the adjacent parking lot, is the limit.
  • Winter Park’s Park Avenue is going one better, though I don’t think better is the right word. Friday through Sunday, Mother’s Day, the avenue will be closed to vehicle traffic and restaurants and retailers will be allowed to use the road to do their business. Um, that might not be the right word either. Anyway, guess where I won’t be this weekend.
  • Don’t think I’ll be at Hillstone, either. Management has forbidden staff members from wearing masks, apparently not wanting to distress the customers. The subject of masks is a hotly debated one, both pro and con. But I’m sure anyone who has sat in the front row of a theater during a play can tell you that when someone speaks, a tremendous amount of spew comes out of the mouth.
  • Disney Springs will begin reopening May 20, but so far no word on which businesses will go first. Most of the restaurants there are spacious enough to accommodate distanced dining.
  • Cholo Dogs will be setting up a permanent cart inside Market on Magnolia beginning next month.


Mias meatball

Just before the mandatory lockdown, I had told you about Mia’s Italian Kitchen, a new restaurant on International Drive. I was impressed with the quality of the food and I was disappointed when it decided to shut down when in-restaurant dining was banned, choosing not to offer takeout or delivery.

But as of Friday, May 8, it is offering takeout and delivery while still keeping the dining room closed for now.

Mia’s will be cooking and serving out of sister restaurant Cafe Tu Tu Tango (it might be a brother restaurant, I always have trouble telling). CTTT’s menu is also available to go. (Sort of like the arrangement that Taverna Opa and Tapa Toro have.)