Peppy interior

The Peppy Bistro, the College Park restaurant that took over the Paxia space last year, has closed.

The restaurant, which opened in May of 2016, got its name from the owner, Jerry Peppy. In a Facebook post dated Oct. 31, Peppy wrote:

To all my friends family and patrons I sadly decided to close the restaurant. I Originally came up to Orlando to be with my family during my father's illness. I opened The Peppy Bistro with great expectations and promise but unfortunately the market here was not what I was expecting. I did however meet some wonderful friends and people that will always be special to me. My father's passing the summer took a toll on many things including me. Not sure what's next but I want to thank everyone for all their love and support.

The restaurant's menu was hard to peg, which I noted in a mostly favorable review, and featured one of the largest meatballs in Central Florida.

Orange County Brewers tanks

The chrome bumpers of Fiats have given way to stainless steel brewing tanks at the corner of Orange Avenue and Jefferson Street in downtown Orlando.

The storefront space is the new home of Orange County Brewers, which is not affiliated with any government entity. OCB is the latest entry in the burgeoning microbrewery sector.

I'm always impressed by the major hardware involved with setting up an operation like this. The OC's main tanks can be seen from an open garage door (apparently left from the previous tenant) in the back parking lot.

There are also tanks to be seen through the darkened windows behind the many taps behind the bar. Also in view there: kitchen racks and boxes, and jars of hops, all of it rather unkempt looking, but hey, it's a brewery.

It's also a pizzeria. Or I should say, a pizzeria also occupies the space. The food is done by Orlando Pizza & Wing Company, which is not owned by the same people as Orange County Brewers, apparently, as I found out on a recent visit.

Cheramy Honey Dessert

Voting ends Thursday, Nov. 9, in the preliminary round to decide which honey-based dessert will represent the area as its signature dish. There are 29 entries in the competition. The 10 top vote getters will be presented to a panel of judges on Nov. 16; the winner will be announced at Visit Orlando's annual meeting and luncheon on Dec. 7.

I will be a judge for the finals along with Art Smith of Homecoming Kitchen; Tish Boyle from Dessert Professional Magazine; and Lauren Delgado, food reporter at Orlando Sentinel.

The competition, which is being sponsored by Visit Orlando, was championed by Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs, who challenged local chefs to come up with a food that could be touted as the area's signature dish. The focus was narrowed to a dessert featuring honey to highlight the abundance and variety of honeys produced in Central Florida.

Besides using honey as a major ingredient, the desserts were required to be available for ordering at a restaurant. Among the entries are:

Honey Dessert Trio from David Ramirez, available at Cala Bella at Rosen Shingle Creek

Honey Peach Streusal Coffee Cake (pictured at top), Stephane Cheramy, Highball & Harvest

Orange Blossom Baklava, Vassilis Coumbaros, Taverna Opa

Galberry Honey and Pecan Cake, Kathleen Blake, The Rusty Spoon

You can see the full list and place your vote at the Visit Orlando website.

Figs int

I don't know if it's Figs or Fig's. I just know that the word Prime is also part of the name of this splashy, contemporary new restaurant in Altamonte Springs.

The restaurant's logo has a leaf -- let's assume it's a fig leaf -- where an apostrophe would be if the name is meant to be Fig's. This would be a rare case of a fig leaf revealing something rather than obscuring. But in postings on its Facebook page the restaurant refers to itself as Figs Prime, indicating more than one fig is involved. So I'm confused.

You probably think this is all just a niggle, but it's part of my job to pay attention to details. And if the people behind, um, FP paid more attention to that and other details, this could become a major player among restaurants in north Orlando.