Paris3 dehillerin

PARIS — Day 3 - Cooking day.

As a treat before a cooking class scheduled for the afternoon, I led the group to Les Halles and the legendary E. Dehilleren cookware store.

There are no William-Sonomalike displays here, just stacks of cookware and utensils, many geared toward professional cooks. (Seriously, who else would need a massive turbot pan in the shape of the fish?) Still, I always find something small to take home, like a set of measuring cups (should have looked closer to see if they were metric) and what I plan to enter in the “Most Expensive Spatula in Orlando” contest should anyone ever hold one.

Paris3 pots

Then it was off to meet our cooking instructor for an afternoon class near Hotel de Ville.

Thai Island ext

Today's review of Thai Island includes a right wing conspiracy. Or maybe it's left wing. Wings are definitely involved.

Thai Island is at the corner of Semoran Boulevard and Michigan Street. It sits next to Wingstop, a Buffalo wings chain, and a couple of doors down from Red Wing Shoes.

And as it turns out my favorite Thai appetizer, Angel Wing, is on Thai Island's menu. Angel wing is a chicken wing that has had the bones -- the humerus and the radius bones, as it were -- removed, with the resulting void filled with chopped chicken meat and clear noodles. The result resembles more of a drumstick. Why don't they just stuff a drumstick? you ask. I don't know, I'm just winging it here.

Jules Verne twighlight

PARIS — Day 2. We met our tour guide for a historical overview of the city. There were no issues with translation because our guide, Alexandria, was an ex-pat from Nebraska. “What brought you to Paris,” I asked her. “Have you ever been to Nebraska?” she said.

We went by Notre Dame, stepped on the disk that designates the exact center of Paris, strolled by the Louvre and finished at Place de la Concorde standing on the spot where Marie Antoinette was behead. Alexandria related a particularly gruesome story that involved a sadistic executioner and the origin of the phrase “The third time’s a charm.”

So to lunch. We gathered around a table and mostly ordered starters or small plates in anticipation of our afternoon tour and the dinner beyond. (My bowl of chilled beans was refreshing and light, just what I needed after our long morning of walking.)

We stayed mainly in the 7th arrondissement, not too far from our hotel off Boulevard St. Germain. Our afternoon guide, Marie, showed us the Sweet Side of Paris, with chocolate shops, patissiers, more macarons, more chocolates and pastries. I set most of mine aside to try later; wouldn’t want to spoil my dinner at Jules Verne.

Jules Verne wide view

Jules Verne is the Alain Ducasse Michelin-starred restaurant on the second level of the Eiffel Tower. After getting through security, our group walked the dusty gravel path —warning for freshly polished shoes and open-toed heels — to the pillar with the private designated elevator to take us to the restaurant. After going through another security check.

Sharons ext

Another in a series of looking back at Classic Orlando Restaurants.

We've been discussing some of the restaurants celebrating milestones this year. Beefy King at 50, for example, and several others including Christner's Prime Steak & Lobsters and Pannullo's Italian Restaurant at 25.

I was surprised to learn about another restaurant to reach the quarter-century mark: Sharon's Homestyle Cookin'.

Although it's been cooking, or cookin', if you prefer, for that long, it has only been in its current location for about three years.

FIRST ON SJO -- The space at 140 N. Orlando Ave., Winter Park, previously held by Carmel Kitchen will be taken over by Cinco Taco + Tequila.

Not a whole lot of information about the restaurant, but I'm going to go out on a limb and assume it will offer tortillas filled with various meats and accouterments and specialize in beverages with an alcohol made from blue agave.

More soon.