Delicious Disney table

Some of the top Disney chefs are getting together to create some exquisite dinners this summer, and you can’t go.

Well, maybe you can. Maybe you have.

It’s all part of a program that’s being tried out called Delicious Disney Summer Chef Series that invites chefs from some of the resort’s more notable restaurants to cook at Markham’s at Golden Oak. Golden Oak is the new home development where you can’t live.

Or maybe you can. Maybe you do -- if you have multiple millions to spend on a house.

If so, you may have been among the lucky few who have been able to snatch the coveted few seats for this series, which concludes August 31 with an already sold out dinner.

So why am I telling you this if you can’t go? Because I’m thinking that with the success of the summer series the Disney culinears will extend it to the other three seasons and offer more opportunities to experience what I did at the July dinner.

Sodo Sushi bar

Sodo has a new sushi bar and grill. It’s called Sodo Sushi Bar and Grill. It took over the space of the oft troubled Olv, whose name had no hidden meaning or acronymic message. Sodo, or SoDo, is shorthand for south of downtown, which is where it is.

And that’s a good place for this new restaurant, too, because there aren’t any other sushi joints anywhere nearby. Bars and grills, yes, but not sushi bars and grills.

All that seems to have been required to transform the Olv space into a sushi restaurant was to plop a refrigerated case on top of the bar. Voila — or dekiagari, as they say in Japan — sushi bar.

That’s where I sat when I visited recently, under the unwatchable glare of Godzilla-sized television screens.

Townhouse exterior

Sometimes being evicted can be a good thing.

The Townhouse Restaurant — or Town House, you’ll find it both ways, even on its website (or web site, if you prefer) — has been part of downtown Oviedo for decades. Some might even say it WAS downtown Oviedo. It had occupied a little box of a building at the corner of Broadway Street and Central Avenue on a spit of land triangulated by Railroad Street.

To call it rustic would be an understatement. It looked its age and was often unkempt. But it was comfortable, and it had a dedicated and loyal base of customers who were horrified when it was announced, in 2014, that the Townhouse house would be torn down to accommodate the broadening of Broadway.

But it didn’t mean the end of the Townhouse. It found new digs only several hundred feet up Central Avenue and now has more seating in a spacious restaurant with volume ceilings, a pleasant outdoor patio overlooking the Florida Trail bike path and a parking lot (which seemed to be used a lot by bikers who may or may not have been eating at the restaurant). And the old Colonial style sign has even been incorporated into the new building.

The new place reminded me of the Peach Valley Cafe in Lake Mary, only with better food.

Raglan Road Seafood Chowder

One of the favorite dishes at Raglan Road at Disney Springs is the Seafood Chowder. It looks like a very complex dish — and the flavors certainly are.

But as celebrity chef Kevin Dundon demonstrates, it’s simple enough to try at home.

If you want to try it at the restaurant, consider a visit during the Fifth Annual Great Irish Hooley, which will take place September 2 through 5. Besides all the usual music and dancing that you can find at Raglan Road, the Hooley features a 90 minutes show — The Rhythms of Raglan — produced in Ireland, exported to Raglan Road and directed by David Hayes (Riverdance, “The Voice” Ireland edition) with guest choreographers including Michael Donellan (Lord of the Dance). The music festival’s multi-band lineup will feature headliner Screaming Orphans and other bands popular on the festival circuit. For details, times and more information, visit the Raglan Road website.

But now back to that recipe! And check out the video below to see how Dundon does it.