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Fish Out of Water

Fish_out_of_Water_TruckI finally caught another food truck from Orlando’s growing fleet. As I’ve mentioned in the past, some of those suckers are tough to track down. I understand the whole concept of them being on wheels and all, but some of the trucks move around a little too much and don’t always park where they say they’ll park, or stay for as long as they’re supposed to.


But don’t get me started.


The truck I managed to try was the one called Fish Out of Water, which, according to its Facebook page, is Florida’s only sushi truck. That’s probably not all that surprising. There are certain aspects we associate with the sushi experience that can’t be enjoyed from getting it through the window of a truck. But then, they can’t be had from plucking it from a refrigerated counter at the grocery store, either, but that doesn’t stop people.


And I’m not going to discourage you from trying Fish Out of Water, either. My brief experience with the truck was just fine, and I would enjoy trying it again.


FOOW was parked outside a special event in a Thornton Park bar that I was attending recently. Through the window of the truck I could see the stocking-capped sushi chef at work assembling the orders. Unlike at a sushi bar, there is no glass case on display where you can see the fish and inspect its freshness. Also, no one associated with the truck seemed to be Japanese, which is not a disqualifier -- I know plenty of non Italians making perfectly good pizzas.


Fish_out_of_water_sushiI made my selection from the list of specials on the menu board that had been set up on the sidewalk. I chose the Ring of Fire, which featured spicy tuna and cucumber tempura. It was topped with spicy krab (with a k, indicating it isn’t really crab), eel sauce, spicy mayonnaise, hot sauce, roe and green onions. It was served artistically displayed, at least as artistic as something can be that is served in a paper boat. It was delivered to me inside the event with a pair of chopsticks.


I liked the spiciness of the roll, and the fish tasted fresh. The tempura added a nice crunchy texture.


Fish Out of Water, not surprisingly, it being a truck and all that, moves around a lot. Best to check the Fish Out of Water Facebook page to see where you might be able to find it. Tonight -- Tuesday -- they are scheduled to be in the Milk District from 6:30 until 10 p.m. Don’t quote me on it.



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Wednesday, 23rd July 2014

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