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Brunch at CRAVE


Updated to correct the date of wine academy, which is April 25th.

If a brunch is in your plans for Sunday, you might want to consider CRAVE near Mall at Millenia. The upscale casual restaurant, which opened just a year ago, continues to get solid reviews for its “fresh vibrant American” cuisine that for some reason features sushi. But I hadn’t heard much about its brunch, so I headed out recently to try it myself.

CRAVE’s brunch is an order-off-the-menu affair, which will disappoint those who look to brunch as an all-you-can-eat glutfest. But there’s an option for those folks here, as well.

It’s the item labeled the “Fabulous Family Brunch.” It features a platter of scrambled eggs with a bit of smoked cheddar cheese blended in, ham, applewood smoked bacon and sausage links (because you just can't have enough pork products at breakfast), hash browns, whole wheat toast, fresh fruit and cinnamon rolls. This is all served on a platter for you to pass around. And don’t worry if the hog (the human kind) on your right took too much of the pig products -- your server will keep bringing the food out as long as you like.

What’s that? Not enough? OK, you can also help yourself to the french toast bar, with as much egg-washed griddled bread as you can handle along with every conceivable topping. And to wash it down -- or at least get it started -- the FFB includes a mimosa, glass of sparkling wine or just plain orange juice. All of this is just $15.95. I liked the eggs, they were cooked just to my liking and weren’t too runny or rubbery. The meats were all good, and if I had ordered another round of just one item, it would have been the hash browns.

I think my server was having a bad day, at least I hope that isn’t the level of service he usually gives. (It certainly wasn’t along the lines of what I’ve experienced here in the past.) I never did get the jam that was supposed to be served with the toast, and he did not bring my beverage for the longest time.

If the family brunch is more than you care to have, CRAVE also features a few other brunchy items, including huevos rancheros, steak and eggs, eggs Benedict and a sushi bento box. Those items run $9.95 to $12.95, are not all-you-can-eat and do not include a drink.

CRAVE is at 4158 Conroy Road, Orlando. Brunch is served on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Click here to download a copy of the brunch menu. This link will take you to CRAVE's website (loud noise alert). The phone number is 407-345-8788.

By the way, CRAVE is launching a wine academy -- first on is Monday, April 18 April 25. Here are some details.


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