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Sushi Lola's

lola interior

I wonder if Sushi Lola’s is going for the same mystique of a restaurant I read about recently in New York that doesn’t have a sign out front. I guess the idea is that if you don’t know where it is then you don’t really need to be there. Whatever.

I walked up and down the small strip mall twice looking for Lola’s. I knew that it had moved from its original location, but it was supposedly just a few doors away. It wasn’t until my third pass by a mostly dark window that I noticed someone inside wielding chopsticks. 

This must be the place.

When I stepped inside, the sushi chef shouted a greeting from behind his station. I nodded my hello as a server approached to seat me.

Lola’s is a simple place. There’s nothing fancy about it, which unfortunately extends to its sushi rolls. I ordered two: a spicy tuna and a yellowtail. They were presented wanly on a white plate. Even the pickled ginger, usually a pinkish hue, offered no color as Lola’s is a pale yellow. Part of the allure of sushi is the preparation and presentation.

lola sushi

The composition of the rolls themselves was a bit disappointing, too. The tuna wasn’t so much chopped as it was pulverized, a pasty mush. The rice-wrapped coins were loosely formed.

The nori on the yellowtail did not wrap all the way around, as though a half sheet had been used. The flavor of both rolls was fine, and the spicy tuna actually was -- it needed no extra heat from the small wad of wasabi.

lola miso

The rolls came with a choice of soup or salad. The miso soup I chose was so salty that I couldn't sip but a few spoonfuls.

Service was minimal. So is the decor. Music is provided by a boombox behind the host stand that plays a local radio station. There are attractive pendant lights that run through the kitchen as well as the dining room, which leads me to wonder if they were left by the previous tenant, whoever that was.

I know that Sushi Lola’s has a loyal fan base, so I’m sure they’ll be glad to find the place open again. That is, if they can find it.

Sushi Lola’s is at 2902 Corrine Drive, Orlando. It’s open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. The phone number is 407-898-5652.

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+2 #6 Deena 2014-03-28 20:17
The variety of dishes chosen for this review are about as minimal as Lola's plating. Yes, basic dishes should shine as bright as their more elaborate counterparts, but I hope this is just the appetizer course for a more comprehensive and balanced review in the future.
+3 #5 Alicia 2014-03-28 07:52
The critique of their spicy tuna roll is fair. However, I recommend you go back to try their specialty rolls beacause that's where they shine.
0 #4 jabony 2014-02-28 09:12
Its a decent place but I miss the Salmon cakes they used to make, healthy and delicious.
+1 #3 Evan Dobkin 2014-02-27 17:08
My wife and I are big fans and went frequently to the old spot, usually for the Korean menu and some sushi.

We took friends for lunch on Saturday and had a poor experience. Our waitress was brand new and didn't know much about the menu. We ordered 2x of some dishes and only received one of each without explanation.

And the flavors of the bibimbap seemed off.

Hope that it's a matter of getting their legs under them. The staff seems very rusty from their extended time off.
+5 #2 Weezel 2014-02-27 10:04
I think you may have gone before the new sign was actually up. I was there last week and there was a sign above the place. I find it hard to believe it took three passes to find the place, as there are huge glass windows that look into the restaurant and there are no other places like it in the plaza.

I don't really think yellow ginger should be a negative mark, as that is the color it actually is. Ginger is not neon pink. My meal on my last visit was more than great.
+2 #1 emily 2014-02-27 09:54
have you ever tried their korean dishes (they owners are actually korean)? their bi bim bap is my favorite i've ever had. anywhere. it's so good.
Friday, 27th March 2015

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