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Eagles Pizza

Eagles pizza pie

I had been hearing about Eagles Pizza, a pie maker on Dahlia Drive at Semoran Boulevard, for a while. And when I was walking downtown recently and saw that it would be opening an outlet on Central Boulevard near Orange Avenue, I thought I’d give a call and order a pizza.

First I tried finding the menu online, but the restaurant’s website is all but empty -- just a gray box inviting people to call in with an order. The Facebook page, which has not had a status update since July 26, has what appears to be a photo of the menu taken with a smartphone camera.

I called my order in after leaving the gym -- I worked out a little extra in anticipation of the pizza. The young woman who answered the phone was pleasant, and I told her the toppings I wanted. She asked me what size pizza I wanted and I asked her what the options were. “We have personal, large, XL and XXL,” she replied. I told her I didn’t know what those meant. I know what an XXL t-shirt might look like, and that it might be found on someone who eats a lot of pizza without working out at the gym. But I couldn’t extrapolate that into a diameter for a pizza pie. Surprisingly, neither could she. She guessed at the inches. I ordered an XXL. (Later, when I saw an actual menu, I confirmed that the inches aren’t noted there, either.)

She told me the pizza would be ready for pickup in about 20 minutes. Even with a stop to buy something else, I was there in about 15, so I wasn’t surprised that the pizza hadn’t come out of the oven yet. However, the longer I waited the more obvious it became that the pizza had not even been started until I walked through the door. The young woman was pleasant enough -- welcoming me warmly, asking how my day had gone and wondering if the rain had stopped -- but after a while one gets tired of pleasantries and cooling one’s heels.

The wait dragged on to a total of 37 minutes from the time I ordered to the moment I left. And in that time no other pizzas were boxed and sent out the door or to one of the few tables available for people who wish to dine in a dingy and unkempt space.

The pizza itself was modest at best. I would not call the toppings ample but neither were they stingy. The crust was the correct thickness to approximate a classic New York style pie, but it lacked the correct elasticity. And it seemed to have been slathered with garlic, which was the overwhelming aroma and taste.

One of the characteristics of a good pizza is how it tastes the next day, whether for breakfast or later. This one fell flat cold. I took one bite and realized it wasn’t worth another extended workout at the gym. It might do well with the young clubbers in downtown Orlando looking to put something in the stomachs before heading off for more beers, but I’ll look elsewhere for a better pie.

Eagles Pizza is at 5711 Dahlia Drive, Orlando. It is open for lunch and dinner daily. The phone number is 407-380-9911. 

Eagles webpage

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0 #2 Pete C 2013-11-20 11:43
Pizzeria Valdiano in Winter Park Village is still my favorite pizza in town after trying countless places. It's very good! Via Napoli is the only one better, but located in Epcot and very expensive.
0 #1 Totalorlando Kev 2013-11-19 10:25
I'm often bewildered why the ultimate and perhaps most original fast food dish is such a disappointment. So many Pizza places churn out hopeless offerings and there's just no excuse.
We haven't tired this place, but to be honest, we always struggle to beat a certain coal fired spot, particularly if you order them 'lightly done'.
Great point about breakfast though Scott!
Tuesday, 31st March 2015

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