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Miller's Field 2013

Miller burg

I had a chance recently to revisit Miller’s Field, the sports bar that took over the space from Cityfire, which had briefly taken over the space of an Urban Flats.

When I first reviewed MF, in August of 2012, shortly after it had opened, I thought there were some issues for it to work through. It appears they’ve been dealt with properly, and Miller’s Field has become a pleasant sports bar with a neighborhood feel.

Indeed, when I visited recently I felt as though many in the crowded restaurant knew each other, or maybe it was just the camaraderie of rooting for the same team (sorry, I don’t recall who was playing). But it just had the bustle you look for when you want to watch some sports and have a bite to eat.

Although I didn’t set out to do so, I ended up ordering pretty much the exact same thing I had the year before: a cup of red bean chili and a burger, the Natural, a half-pounder patty fashioned out of beef (natural angus, naturally) with cheese, lettuce, tomato and an onion ring garnish.

Miller soupThe chili was a hearty bowl of beans and thick stew. It was a pretty good serving size for a cup, and it was garnished with plenty of shredded cheese and thick chops of green onions.

The burger was an impressively thick patty that was cooked precisely to the requested medium-rare. (I was a little concerned when I ordered it because the menu specifies the burgers are cooked well done, but the server assured me I could have it my way.) The juicy burger was served on a fresh bun topped with a pickle spear held in place by a wooden skewer.

The burger was accompanied by house made chips, called sweet and salty chips, ladled with a sour cream based sauce. 

Although service was good, the one thing they still haven’t grasped the concept of is that when someone orders a soup and an entree one generally prefers to enjoy the soup before the entree is served. Happened last time, happened this time. I guess the key is to order the soup and then order the entree only when the soup is delivered.

Miller’s Field, which has no relation to the many Miller Ale Houses that dot the landscape, has the requisite large-screen televisions hanging about. There is plenty of seating at high-top tables and banquettes, at the bar, or on the large patio high over Sand Lake Road.

Miller’s Field is at the Dellagio, 7958 Via Dellagio Way, Orlando. It is open for lunch and dinner daily and late night until 2 a.m. Prices are reasonable for a sports bar and the quality: the large cup of chili was $3.5o and the burger was $9. The phone number is 407-248-3474. 

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0 #1 Mary-Jeanine 2013-11-13 12:35
This is a restaurant I would have never gone to (WAY outside my flight path) except I did one of those 'Wine and Canvas' nights with my friends a month or so ago. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich, not expecting alot. Wow, it delivered! Flavorful, tender, meaty and way more than I could possibly eat. I love pulled pork and order it often, all over town. I will honestly say this was the best pulled pork sandwich I've ever had. Really.

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