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Sleeping Moon Cafe

Sleeping moon interiorI found a cute little sandwich shop recently. Well, the shop was little but the sandwich was not.

It’s called the Sleeping Moon Cafe, not to be confused with Lazy Moon, the pizza place due to reopen on University Boulevard in the next few months. Sleeping Moon is about a half mile north of University Boulevard at the corner of Semoran Boulevard and Aloma Avenue. It’s in a sort of repurposed shopping mall that now features some healthcare types, and it’s around the corner on the side that faces Aloma, so you have to be looking for it to see it.

It’s a funky space, with lots of artwork by local artists, lights strung hither and yon, a fake fireplace, and the requisite couches one finds in a coffe shop milieu. The menu is written in chalk on an honest-to-god blackboard that covers most of the wall behind the counter. Some of it is pretty straightforward: tuna melt, ham and apple, turkey, roast beef. As the kitchen runs out of items, a line is drawn through the listing on the board. Apparently the place had been overrun by vegans as the tofurkey and vegan burgers had been struck through.

Some of the sandwiches needed further explanation. The Tony Montana, for instance, contained no actual Tony nor Montana; it was their version of a Cuban sandwich, as noted parenthetically after the name.

Sleeping Moon sandwichThe only thing noted after the Dam-wich were the words The Behemoth. I asked for an explanation from the fellow behind the counter, who, it should be mentioned, will not win any warm and fuzzy awards based on his demeanor that day. The Dam-wich is comprised of turkey and ham and cheese and microgreens and onions and tomatoes -- and plenty of them, pressed in the same bread you would expect a Tony Montana to come in.

The only guess I have regarding the name is what most people say when they see and then taste it. That was one dam good sandwich.

I would have liked to try the soup of the day, but that, too, had been depleted by the vegans, I guess.

There was a stage of sort that suggested musicians perform here. I think this would be a comfortable place to sit, nibble, sip some wine and listen to quiet acoustic music. A very nice find.

Sleeping Moon Cafe is at 495 N. Semoran Blvd., Winter Park (remember that it faces Aloma Avenue). It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday, late nights, too. It does not have a website, apparently, but it has a Facebook page. The phone number is 321-295-7844.

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0 #3 Michelle 2013-04-27 16:24
Just discovered this little gem. Food was good. Italian sodas, delish. Liked the vibe. Maybe they turned down the music because we were able to talk without shouting. The service didn't fall over themselves, but I certainly didn't find them rude either. Definitely a hangout for me.
0 #2 Sally 2012-12-22 12:32
I used to go there regularly especially when I worked remotely. I tried working there, always making sure I purchased something so I wasn't mooching their Wifi. I hated that they insisted on blasting their music loudly. So loud, that you could not carry a conversation without shouting. They refused to turn it down. The last straw was continued bad service, sandwiches that took an eternity to get, and the rudeness of their employees. Shame, because this neighborhood needs a good hang out spot that isn't a Starbucks. Hopefully the owners will get a clue, but based on my conversations with them I'm not optimistic they will.
+1 #1 Bill 2012-12-20 17:49
I, too, have been to this establishment and find the service to be rather rude. Not sure what their problem is but friendly must be something foreign to the guy behind the counter. I've never understood why people get in the hospitality business and then get bothered when someone asks them a question. It's a nice place but it needs some happier employees.

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