Green Day Cafe Closes in North Quarter

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green dayGreen Day Cafe, which opened a second location in Orlando's North Quarter district one year ago this month, has closed that location, citing lack of foot traffic.

According to owner Chad Tomlinson, the Lee Road cafe is still going strong, and he is looking for a location in Mt. Dora. But the numbers on Orange Avenue weren't what he had expected, and, he says, he and landlord Craig Ustler came to a mutual agreement to close.

TR Fire Grill Closing Near OIA, Opening in WP

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TR Fire Grill

TR Fire Grill, which came into being in late 2013 when the Tony Roma’s restaurant on South Semoran Boulevard just north of Orlando International Airport was remodeled and rebranded, will close on September 8. On September 30, a new TR Fire Grill will open at Winter Park’s Ravaudage development at the corner of Lee Road and U.S. Highway 17-92.

Romacorp, the Orlando based parent company of Tony Roma’s restaurants, is characterizing the closing/opening as a relocation to the Winter Park site. There are more than 150 Tony Roma restaurants worldwide — the first opened 40 years ago in North Miami — but just one TR Fire Grill, which is described as a “chef-inspired American bistro with cuisine from globally-recognized Chef Bob Gallagher,” someone I’m unfamiliar with.

I’m holding out hope that TR has learned a few things since I first reviewed the restaurant in May of last year.

Mi Tomatina Closing Monday

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Mi Tomatina, the Spanish tapas and paella restaurant in Winter Park's Hannibal Square, is calling it quits after a five-year run.

MT broke the news in a tweet to its Twitter followers:

Tomatina tweet

Let There Be Peace On Earth, and Let It Begin With Meat?

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Now what is Burger King up to?

In a full-page ad in major newspapers Wednesday, Burger King issued an open letter to McDonald’s, which of course is its Golden Arch enemy, proposing a truce. Or at least a one day ceasefire.

“Good morning McDonald’s,” the letter began, omitting a needed comma after the word morning. “We come in peace. In fact, we come in honor of peace.”

The ad explained that BK has been inspired by the designation of September 21 as Peace Day by an organization called Peace One Day. The nonprofit’s tagline for the event is “Who will you make peace with?”

So Burger King proposes in the letter that the two burger companies come together to form, for one day only, a pop-up restaurant that would serve a single item: the McWhopper, a mashup of all the mashed up ingredients that make up the fast food ginants’ signature items, the Big Mac and the Whopper.

The restaurant would be in an Atlanta parking lot that lies between a McDonald’s and a Burger King. (Atlanta lies midway between the brands’ headquarters, Chicago for McD’s and Miami for BK.

So is it real? Burger King insists that it is, and has even created a website,, with details (including a glimpse of the proposed uniforms the workers would wear that day).

But Burger King has been known to do some outrageous marketing stunts in the past. Who can forget the meat-scented cologne from a couple of years ago?

What Burger King has definitely done is put McDonald’s in a difficult situation. It can turn down the offer and look Putin-esque, or it can accept the offer and sheepishly follow in the marketing ploy of its business enemy.

Either way, it’s a lose-lose proposition for the clown. And I don’t see the dining public coming out a winner, either.